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TSCINBUNY Arduino UNO Circuit Board Programmable IDE Smart Robot/Robotic Car Kit Upgraded with Obstacle-Avoidable System Components 66mm Wide Four-Matic Wheels

TSCINBUNY Arduino UNO Circuit Board Programmable IDE Smart Robot/Robotic Car Kit Upgraded with Obstacle-Avoidable System Components 66mm Wide Four-Matic Wheels

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★ TSCINBUNY UNO R3 Stem Robotic Car Kit with 66mm Ordinary Wheels ★

★ Specification ★

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  • Dimensions: 270×150×140 mm

  • Chipset: TSCINBUNY UNO Rev3

  • Type: Upgraded TSCINBUNY Programmable IDE Smart Robot Car Kit

  • Application: Arduino Project, Kids & Adults Stem Projects, Expert & Starter

  • ★ Item Features ★

  • [26-in-1 Arduino Programmable IDE Smart Robot Car Kit] Including 26 kinds of electronic components.

  • [UNO R3 Board] Based on open-source Arduino development board, TSCINBUNY smart robot car kit is entirely compatible with Arduino IDE, and capable to cover all the shields of Arduino by UNO R3 board with 1 USB cable inside the package.

  • [Wide-Ranged Users] Capable for all users including beginners and experts aged from kids to adults to learn programming, practice or design projects among junior, medium and senior application scenarios.

  • [Easy Assembly] For all users to conveniently wire up all components and modules, TSCINBUNY stem smart robot car kit is well soldered in factory and perfectly protected inside hard skin cases for better carrying.

  • [Double Detect Modules] 1. Capable to visually detect and follow black line by four infrared lights separately on each side. 2. Double ultrasonic sensor modules detect obstacles ahead and monitor distance for moving on.

  • [Drive Power Assembly] Driven by DC motor powered by typical L298N module, all users are able to alternatively choose different batteries or even modify the power system.

  • 1×4WD Smart Car Chassis with 2 18650 holder
    1×CH340 open source programming development board
    1×L298N motor drive module
    1×Four-way tracking module
    1×Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 and acrylic bracket
    1 set × Jumper Wire

  • [Core Components Included] Mainly contains UNO R3 board, LM339 four-channel infrared signal detection module, main control module, motor drive module, ultrasonic sensor module. Down here is enclosed with list of the whole components as reference for users to check with.

  • ★ Component List ★

    2 × Acrylic transparent 4-wheel trolley floor
    1 × CH340 development board(with a data cable)
    1 × L298N motor drive module
    1 × Ultrasonic sensor module
    1 × Four-way tracking module
    4 × 5V DC gear motor (with wheels)
    1 × Ultrasonic bracket
    8 × Motor fixing bracket (acrylic transparent)
    4 × Speed Code Disc (Black)
    1 × 18650 battery box with switch
    3 × M3*50 copper pillar
    8 × M3*30 copper pillar
    2 × M3*15+6 copper pillar
    17 × M3 nuts
    33 × M3*8 round head screw
    8 × M3*30 round head screws
    3 × M2 nut
    2 × M2*8 round head screws
    4 × M1.6*8 round head screws
    4 × M1.6 nut
    1 × Male to female Dupont wire 30cm
    15 × Male to female Dupont line 20CM
    8 × Male to male Dupont line 20cm
    4 × Male to female Dupont wire 10cm
    2 × Male to male Dupont line 10cm
    1 × Four-way tracing and obstacle avoidance car kit CD
    1 × Yellow packing box(270*165*50mm)
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