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TSCINBUNY Upgraded UNO Rev3 Portable 12-in-1 Stem Starter Kit with Arduino IDE

TSCINBUNY Upgraded UNO Rev3 Portable 12-in-1 Stem Starter Kit with Arduino IDE

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★ TSCINBUNY UNO R3 Portable 12-in-1 Stem Starter Kit with Arduino IDE ★

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★ Specification ★

  • Dimensions: 143×92×44 mm

  • Chipset: TSCINBUNY UNO Rev3

  • Type: TSCINBUNY UNO Rev3 Stem Starter Kit with Arduino IDE

  • Application: Arduino project

  • ★ Item Features ★

  • [12-in-1 Arduino Stem Starter Kit] Including 12 kinds of electronic components.

  • [UNO R3 Board] Based on Arduino development board, TSCINBUNY stem starter kit is entirely compatible with Arduino IDE, and capable to cover all the shields of Arduino by UNO R3 board with 1 USB cable inside the package.

  • [Wide-Ranged Users] Capable for all users including beginners and experts aged from kids to adults to learn programming, practice or design projects among junior, medium and senior application scenarios.

  • [Easy Assembly] For all users to conveniently wire up all components and modules, TSCINBUNY stem starter kits are well soldered in factory and perfectly protected inside hard skin cases for better carrying.

  • [Core Components Included] Besides UNO R3 board, inside the case there are other core components such as UNO R3 shield with mini breadboard, stepper motor, infrared module, LCD module, resistor chip. Down here is enclosed with list of the whole components as reference for users to check with.

  • ★ Component List ★

    1 pce Panda UNO R3 Board
    1 pce 400 Breadboard
    1 bundle 65 pcs Jumper Wire
    3×10 pcs 220R~1K Metal Film Resistor
    3×5 pcs Led/Green/Red/Yellow (5pcs/each)
    1 pce LDR 5516 Photoresistor
    1 pce PN2222 Transistor
    1 pce 5v DC Motor
    1 pce PT10-2-M Potentiometer 10K
    1 pce Resistance Card
    1 pce Plastic Box
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