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TSCINBUNY ESP32 Circuit Board Camera-Control Programmable IDE Smart Robot/Robotic Car Kit Upgraded with Four-Matic Wheels

TSCINBUNY ESP32 Circuit Board Camera-Control Programmable IDE Smart Robot/Robotic Car Kit Upgraded with Four-Matic Wheels

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★ TSCINBUNY ESP32 Camera-Control Stem Robotic Car Kit ★

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★ Specification ★

  • Dimensions: 195×160×110 mm

  • Chipset: TSCINBUNY Wifi & Bluetooth ESP32 Module

  • Type: TSCINBUNY ESP32 Camera-Control Programmable IDE Smart Robot Car Kit

  • Application: Project, Kids & Adults Stem Projects, Expert & Starter

  • ★ Item Features ★

  • [21-in-1 Programmable IDE Smart Robot Car Kit] Including 21 kinds of electronic components.

  • [ESP32 Board] Based on open-source ESP32 board, TSCINBUNY smart robot car kit is entirely compatible with IDE, and capable to be controlled through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by ESP32 board with 1 USB cable inside the package. Users can turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth of smart devices to connect and visually control robotic car.

  • [Wide-Ranged Users] Capable for all users including beginners and experts aged from kids to adults to learn programming, practice or design projects among junior, medium and senior application scenarios.

  • [Easy Assembly] For all users to conveniently wire up all components and modules, TSCINBUNY stem smart robot car kit is well soldered in factory and perfectly protected inside hard skin cases for better carrying.

  • [Real-time Cam Control] Capable to be visually controlled by smart devices such as smart phones by means of real-time transmission. Visualized control contains forward, backward, leftward and rightward moving of this robotic car by live visions. 

  • [Drive Power Assembly] Driven by 5V DC geared motor, all users are able to alternatively choose different batteries or even modify the power system.

  • Main frequency up to 240MHz, computing power up to 600 DMIPS.
    Built-in 520 KB SRAM, external 4M PSRAM.
    Supports interfaces such as UART/SPI/I2C/PWM/ADC/DAC.
    Support OV2640 and OV7670 cameras, built-in flash. Support image WiFi upload.
    Support TF card.
    Support multiple sleep modes.
    Embedded Lwip and Free RTOS.
    Support STA/AP-/STA+AP-working mode.
    Support Smart Config/AirKiss one-click distribution network.
    Support secondary development.

  • [Core Components Included] Mainly contains ESP32 R3 board, ultrasonic bracket, L298N motor drive module for users to remotely control and drive the robot car.

  • ★ Component List ★

    1 × Black acrylic robot chassis
    1 × L298N Motor Drive Module
    4 × 5V DC geared motor (with wheels welding wire)
    1 × 18650 battery box with switch
    1 × ESP32 Cam development board with OV2640 camera module
    10 × M3*15 copper pillar
    4 × DuPont female to female 20cm
    2 × Dupont line male to female 20cm
    4 × Motor fixing bracket
    16 × M3*10 flat head screws
    8 × M3*12 flat head screws
    24 × M3 nuts
    8 × M3*30 round head screws
    2 × M1.6*10 screws
    2 × M1.6 nut
    4 × M3*8 flat head screws
    1 × ESP32(CAM) Car Kit CD
    3 × PE foam sponge double-sided adhesive, strong and high-viscosity foam adhesive (white 24.5*40mm)
    1 × Blue driver heat sink small (TMC2100)
    1 × ESP32 motherboard shell (black)
    1 × Ultrasonic bracket
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